Episode 80: Kmele Foster at Renegade University

Kmele Foster is the former co-host of The Independents, the co-founder and lead producer of FreeThink Media, the host of my second-favorite podcast, The Fifth Column, and one of the most original and important public intellectuals you will hear. This episode was recorded at the Renegade University Weekend in Washington D.C.

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Episode 76: Lily Forester

Three years ago Lily Forester fled the United States for Mexico with her partner, John Galton, to escape long-term prison sentences for the production and sale of cannabis. On February 1, John was murdered at their homestead on the outskirts of Acapulco. This is Lily’s first interview since John’s death.

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Episode 73: Ask Me Anything

In our second “Ask Me Anything” episode I answer questions from Renegade University students and members of the Unregistered Underground supporting listeners group. The topics range from sex-positive feminism to the future of higher education to the renegade history of the world. To join the Unregistered Underground so you can participate in our AMAs, go to UnregisteredUnderground.com
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