Episode 108: Linda Williams

Linda Williams was the first American academic to make pornography a subject of serious scholarly work, so of course I had to interview her. In her house near the UC Berkeley football stadium, we talked about her courage to break through the conservatism of the academy, her motivations for doing so, and the history of the “secret museum” of adult erotic films.

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Episode 107: A Higher Education (the Free Man Beyond the Wall interview)

On my recent appearance on the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast, I was able to talk in depth about several topics I don’t usually get to discuss on Unregistered, from the government-created higher education monopoly that Renegade University is challenging to the surprising and little-known racial history of Jews in America, the central importance of the Stonewall riots in expanding American freedom, and my argument that the United States entry into World War II guaranteed the fulfillment of the Holocaust.

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Episode 106: Dr. Warren Farrell

Warren Farrell was a national celebrity for being the leading male advocate for women’s liberation. Now he’s considered a pariah by many feminists for promoting the liberation of men. We sat down in his house among the redwoods in Mill Valley, California to discuss the importance of his career for me, for men, for women, and for the relationships between us.

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Episode 103: Elliott Gorn

In a grand tour of the renegade history of the 20th-century U.S., the great social historian Elliott Gorn and I talk about street fighting vs. state violence, examine the significance of John Dillinger’s penis, question the legacy of Muhammad Ali, and argue about whether racism is eternal.

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Episode 102: Venkatesh Rao

In the Bradbury Building in downtown Los Angeles, famous as the shooting location for science fiction films set in the future, I talked with the author and public intellectual Venkatesh Rao about his mind-bending and time-bending project on the history and possible future of temporality.

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Episode 101: Midori

In the heart of America’s historical capital of sex rebels, I spoke with sex educator and performance artist Midori about the very different sexual norms of the United States and Japan, San Francisco’s queer and kinky history, and what it’s like to be a social outsider who possesses the most intimate knowledge of a society.

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