Episode 52: Kliph Nesteroff

Kliph Nesteroff is the author of The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels & The History of American Comedy. His work has appeared in Vice, The New York Times, CNN, LA Weekly, and the National Post. He also worked as a stand-up comic for many years and he is the chief curator of George Carlin’s personal archive.
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One thought on “Episode 52: Kliph Nesteroff

  1. Hi Julie, There is nothing to read into the fact that textiles is not mentioned as the programme leader for Fine Art I can reassure you that on the MA, we welcome all media and it is impossible to name them all. Several of our students have worked with and in textiles as part of their study, one is using textiles as a way of creating narrative using specific motifs and incorporating this into written and performative work. One of our current third year students is a weaver and has been developing techniques to bring abstract imagery into printed and re-woven threads to create new woven panels. I hope that reassures you, we are interested in the many and varied ways that artists make work today and the MA is about developing your own individual areas of interest and medium. Caroline

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