Unregistered 131: Ask Me Anything

In this AMA episode hosted by Landry Harmon, we discuss my history of hating teachers, why libertarians are hostile to postmodernism, the dishonesty of Black Lives Matter, my ever-growing dislike of democracy, the Christian basis of left-wing politics, how liberalism became morally “good” among American elites, why no one cares about Trump’s genocidal war in Yemen, how China eliminated poverty in the U.S., the loneliness of political dissent, why the right wing despises my politics, the fight between the identity left and the Marxist left, why I don’t date people like me, the uniqueness of American white guilt, my favorite Unregistered episodes, the heroism of Michael Bell Sr., why recovering addicts are the best interviewees, the anxiety of free-market capitalism, the therapeutic effects of Zen mindfulness, why a person born into wealth can never be an American hero, and how Barack Obama is a child of the CIA.

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